Most Expensive Guitars In The World

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most expensive guitars

Some people collect art, some collect antiques, and others looking for unique instruments around. In this selection are highlighted the 10 most expensive guitars in the world.

Surprisingly, not all of these instruments were necessarily owned by a celebrity, where people could expect really high prices, or sold at auction. Instead, this selection also includes items that are available in manufacturer product lines.
This selection considers the most expensive items sold, in auctions, or private sales, and estimates the current price of some of these items, although the values have changed over time.

The guitar comes down to the acoustic guitar (USA) featuring strings of nylon or steel, with initial conception to interpret pieces of erudite music. The body is hollow and boring, and produced from many different woods. The more general versions have 6 nylon strings , but there are guitars with more settings.

Because of the practicality, low cost and lack of electrical connection, the guitar as it is popular in the country, boils down to one of the most popular instruments at the moment. The hypothesis of greater acceptance that deals with the origin tells

that the guitar has been summarized from the derivation of an old Arabic instrument, lute.
This would have spread to Europe through Muslim invasions by the Iberian Peninsula and had adapted appropriately to

cultural activities of the European environment, being still object of the nobles.
The guitar developed in Spain came to be called vihuela. And it had an “eight” shape, featuring inlays on the side, flat bottom, and 4 pairs of strings to touch with fingers, detail that had resulted in the generation of a much softer sound.

The vihuela, the old villain, appeared electric guitar, instrument also quite popular. One curiosity is that only in Brazil there is the term “guitar”. On the rest of the planet, individuals refer to such an instrument as “guitar”.

here is a list of most expensive guitars in the world

Martin’s ‘History of Flight’ custom inlaid guitar – $ 150,000

This guitar was made as a tribute to the 20th century achievements on space travel. The instrument includes spatial theme models, such as an astronaut with Earth behind, and is tenth in this selection of the 10 most expensive guitars in the world.

Guitar Martin D-18 – 1942 – US $ 152,312

This guitar was owned by Elvis Presley in the early 1950s, and he used it in recording some of his first hits. The auction was estimated at $ 184,620 to $ 200,005, and sold for $ 152,312.

Martin D-28 guitar (1931-’36) – $ 140,000 to $ 170,000

According to the Vintage Guitar website, which lists each year the most expensive non-celebrity guitars in the world, Martin D-28 has one of the highest prices, with values ranging from $ 140,000 to $ 170,000.

CF Martin and Company 1966, Style OOO-28 / ’45 Conversion ‘- US $ 186,700

This was one of Eric Clapton’s guitars, apparently one of his favorite acoustics. And it was sold in 2004 at Eric Clapton’s Guitar Auction, which ended up winning $ 7,438,624 million.

D’Aquisto Blue Centaur – US $ 250,000

This guitar was made for collector Scott Chinery for his “Blue Guitar” project. The estimated value of the instrument is $ 250,000, but according to Chinery’s curator, the piece is not for sale, being sixth in this selection of the 10 most expensive guitars in the world.

Martin OM-45 Deluxe (1930) – US $ 300,000

This guitar was sold at a New York auction, which had extremely low results, including the OM-45 Deluxe. And it was described as the “Holy Grail” of guitars, it was estimated to sell from $ 1,750,000 – $ 2,000,000, and ended up selling for only $ 300,000. Still, it was the only “big sale” of the evening.

Martin D-45 (1936-’42) – $ 320,000 to $ 400,000

The Martin D-45 is fourth in this selection, of the 10 most expensive guitars in the world, and artists like Neil Young used it. One of the elements used to make this instrument is the Brazilian rosewood, listed as “vulnerable” in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

D’Angelico New Yorker Teardrop – US $ 500,000

Scott Chinery, a guitar collector, bought D’Angelico New Yorker in 1993 for $ 150,000, and estimates the current value of the instrument at $ 500,000.

Martin OM-45 Deluxe – US $ 554,500

This guitar was formerly of singer Roy Rogers, and was estimated to sell between $ 150,000 to $ 250,000, and ended up selling for $ 554,500, being second in this selection of the 10 most expensive guitars in the world.

Eric Clapton’s CF Martin & Co, circa (1939) – US $ 791,500

This guitar is Eric Clapton used on their MTV Unplugged show . This instrument was sold at an auction to raise money for Crossroads Rehabilitation Center, and reached the amount of $ 791,500, far surpassing the estimated $ 80,000.

Beautiful Cute Good Night Love Quotes

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Good Night Love Quotes

do you want to make your night more shine and want your evening more beautiful, If so, check out this incredible collection of Good Night Love Quotes we selected carefully for you

Linda is the poetry that God writes in every detail of our day! Happy is who has the serenity in the soul to feel the peace in each verse!

° ✿ ✿ ° A day of many joys and intense of emotions and so with the heart serenade we received this blessed night of rest and peace! Always thanking for all the blessings of this day! ° ✿ ✿ ° Kisses and affections angels! Beautiful night for people

Good morning to your life, good morning to love.

Cute Good Night Love Quotes

❝ … and all that your soul emanates … is exactly every vibration you receive back … sharing peace and serenity … we essentially build ourselves up and in an intensity of light and harmony … fraternally We unify ourselves in divine love!

Although time has wings and sometimes fly very fast, always be the heart affection! Kisses of peace for each of you!!

Good night, rest is quiet … Ending another day … Thank God for everything! For the good moments, for the learning, for what will come … Praying for the Father * to reserve us generous portions of peace, health … Full life … Yes, Gratitude, my God, Dear Father!

find here the perfect Good Night Love Quotes to express the feeling of love

Good evening!
May the Holy Spirit of God be with you, and bless you with a quiet night. He has sent angels before you to fight in your behalf. May God bless our homes, our families and our friends, Amen

They say our thinking can travel free wherever you want, but mine is always going to you. Sleep tight. ..

Every time I close my eyes, it’s to find you, the distance between us cannot separate. What I feel for you, it will not be good night

Best Good Night Love Quotes

“I do not like sleeping,
I really like dreaming …!”

Good evening!
Another day overdue, Thank God for the privilege of having lived another day, one more week. Take care of my friends, of my Family Lord bless every choice, every path traced and I know that everything that is true will come. Thank you god for everything.

There are so many lovely good night quotes & wishes full list : See More Here

A beautiful night! If she has to be of peace that is, of love that lasts, hope that leaves marks. May tonight be the night of all your need!

Good evening!
Not always a closed door in your life is a sign of defeat, trust in God’s agenda, the hour of the miracle will come. . God is good and merciful. He only asks you to put your faith and trust in Him. He’s already been working for you since the first prayer you made.

Sleeping with a little shell is not slutty, suckling is sleeping in separate beds

The sweet peace for a beautiful night of tranquility!
Good rest, beautiful dreams
Always guarded by angels of God!

Sweet dreams are the result of quiet awareness.

“Love, continuous questioning …
If you bring good dreams to the boils,
take the sleep of the deluded!”

For me, good dreams are worse than nightmares.
Much worse.
They are pieces of unlived life, of unreal desires, that will surely torture me over the next few days.

Sweet dreams for those who sleep.

Do not doubt your sweet dreams, for if you want, they can become real. The impossible is just a matter of opinion.

How delicious is the sensitivity of the intimate moments, calm in which poetry invades … Good dreams!!!

Richest Men In The World By 2017

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Richest Men In The World

According to the Oxfam report, published before the World Economic Forum, the 8 richest people on the planet have more than half the world’s poorest people. The total net worth of 50% of the world’s poorest population (3.6 billion people) is $ 409 billion. Fortune is equal to the 8 largest billionaires in the world.
Forbes announces its list of 2017 with some changes of positions in the Top 10. With only 1 new inclusion, Bernard Arnault returns to the 10 richest. The most significant changes are on the part of the entrepreneurs of the digital environment. Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg saw their fortunes take a big leap from year to year. Look:

Bernard Arnault – US $ 41.8 billion (France) – LVMH

Currently 67, Bernard is CEO and founder of the LVMH brand conglomerate. The company oversees a fashion empire with more than 70 brands including Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, Sephora, Tag Heuer, Fendi and Christian Dior. The entrepreneur also holds stakes in the supermarket chain Carrefour and Hermes. It is currently the richest person in France with all the luxury and glamor of the fashion country.

David Koch – $ 43.5 billion (US) – Koch Industries

David and his brother control the holding company that became one of the largest companies of closed capital of the world, with annual revenues above 100 billion. He and his brother, Charles Koch (9th), each hold 42% of Koch Industries, to which Charles is the president, and David is the vice, so the family controls the various sectors involved in the manufacturing, trading and investment industry , Employing more than 70,000 people around the planet

Charles Koch – $ 43.5 billion (US) – Koch Industries

Charles is one of the brothers, mega entrepreneurs, of the United States industry. At 79, he is president of one of the 10 largest private companies there. Koch Industries is a holding company operating in the asphalt, commodity, energy, fertilizer, fiber, finance, gas, mineral, paper, oil, plastics and chemicals sectors. His performance in front of the company, has been elected one of the 100 most influential people by Time magazine and 41st most powerful person in the world by Forbes Magazine in 2012.

Carlos Slim – US $ 48.5 billion (Mexico) – América Móvil

It was considered from 2007 to 2012, the richest man in the world , surprising the former owner of the post – Bill Gates. Carlos is a 75-year-old Mexican entrepreneur with a degree in engineering from a local university. He is the majority shareholder of the largest mobile operator of the Americas, America Movil (Claro, Embratel, Net). Currently, it owns only 43% of the company which corresponds to 40.8 billion (53% of its fortune). He also invests in several sectors, such as minerals (Minera Frisco), financial (Inbusa and CaixaBank group), tobacco (Philip Morris) and media (New York Times).

Larry Ellison – $ 48.6 billion (US) – Oracle

Larry is a co-founder and largest shareholder of Oracle Corporation, a multinational technology and information technology company valued at more than $ 160 billion with 105,000 employees. In addition to holding 23% of Oracle, it owns 46% of NetSuite and LeapFrog Enterprises shares, amounting to a net worth of 37 billion. It still has 4.5 billion in equity / personal money. Among its luxurious assets, there are 98% of an island in Hawaii, with yachts and hotels.

Mark Zuckerberg – $ 53.8 billion (US) – Facebook

One of the best known people on this list, Mark became famous for being one of the founders of Facebook, the largest social network in the world. After its founding in 2004, at only 19 years old, its equity skyrocketed with the growth and entry of Facebook on the Nasdaq stock exchange. Currently, at age 31, married and with a daughter, Zuckerberg announced the plan to donate 99% of his shares to charity during his lifetime. Facebook has also acquired several rising companies, including Oculus, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Jeff Bezos – $ 70.3 billion (US) –

Bezos is CEO and founder of, one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world. He founded the company in 1994 and launched the site in 1995 with only 20 books for sale. Obstined by the online field, he still acquired Alexa Internet,, and Internet Movie Database (IMDb). His latest acquisition was the newspaper The Washington Post for $ 250 million in 2013.
With 52 years, graduated in arts, he is married, has 4 children and residence in Seattle. It is the first time he appears among the 10 richest men in the world.

Amâncio Ortega – US $ 72.2 billion (Spain) – Zara

At the age of 78, Spaniard Amâncio Ortega is the richest resident in Europe with a 59% stake in the Inditex group, the world’s largest textile retailer. He owns the brands Zara, Massimo Dutti, Oyshio, Pull and Bear, Stradivarius with over 5,000 stores in 77 countries, including 35 in Brazil. Its personal equity is valued at 1.4 billion, the majority in real estate. The company represents 90% ($ 53.1 b.) Of its fortune, and other private investments.

Warren Buffett – $ 72.5 billion (US) – Berkshire Hathaway

This 84-year-old American is one of the biggest investors in the world. Unlike other billionaire of this top 10, he has not founded any big company to be what it is. It has lighthouse to invest in the right companies. Through Berkshire Hathaway, which owns it, it controls holdings in several infrastructure companies, such as gas, electric power, railroads and multinational companies that have earned more than expected, such as Coca-cola, Gilette, American Express and Walt Disney.
In his will, he promises to leave the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 83% of the fortune, and as long as he remains alive he donates 5% to charity each summer.

Bill Gates – $ 84.2 billion (US) – Microsoft

Gates, as everyone knows, is the largest philanthropist in the world , agnostic, mogul, lives in excellence to its 59 years. In 2013 he recovered the position of the richest man in the world after valuing his shares. However, he has been at the top of the list 16 times in the last 21 years.
He retired from the Microsoft presidency to take care of the interests of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a project that has targeted more than $ 30 billion in social and humanitarian causes. Although it holds a 5% stake in Microsoft, its largest equity are the shares managed by the

Best Computer Brands In The World

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Best Computer Brands

In this selection are highlighted the 10 best computers brands of in the world. With the latest technology innovations, there are several companies willing to win over computer users worldwide. The computer or laptop, has become one of the most important device in the home or mepresa the world wide, for different purposes.
These companies / brands offer products of different specifications and are sold at various prices. They are delivering increasingly powerful and smaller products to meet people’s needs, and the most expensive are the youngest. The best companies are chosen according to their market value worldwide, and their popularity among people.

Gateway Computer

Gateway Computer is a brand that is basically a subsidiary company of the famous Acer Incorporation. This brand is known for producing and also marketing its products which mainly includes personal computers, hardware, servers, computer monitors and also all kinds of computer accessories.


NEC is basically an international Japanese brand, and known for its different information technology products. And it offers all kinds of information technology and diverse networking solutions as well. It is named as one of the most important internet providers in different parts of the world, which includes business and broadband network solutions.
Their computers and other products are mostly available in foreign countries because of their market and are sold at affordable prices which has made this company progress in far less time.


Fujitsu is another famous Japanese brand that is known for selling best quality computer hardware and information technology services corporation. And it offers wide variety of products including network, hardware, e-commerce solutions, and many others.


IBM is the acronym of International Business Machines and is basically an international brand based in the United States. It produces and then sells various types of software, hardware, hosting and consulting series as well as communications.
It is said that the quality and durability of their computers are unmatched and provides the best user experience, and IBM seventh position in this selection of the top 10 brands of computers in the world.


Toshiba is the brand that has achieved fame and success in much less time due to the quality products available in the market. This is another Japanese brand.
And it not only produces but is also the supplier of all kinds of products that includes computer, laptops, notebooks, and other accessories related to its products and services.


Lenovo is basically a Chinese brand, now operating around the world. It offers all kinds of notebooks, desktops, servers, storage devices, personal computers, software, and all the necessary accessory models. And it is also known for offering the durable, lightweight and thin laptops that are the basic requirements.


Dell is basically an American brand. It is very famous and does not require any introduction. It offers all kinds of products, including laptops, computers, ruggedness, support and also knowledge solutions.
Dell products offer the best performance and are available at incredible prices that are completely worthy of their products. And also follow up with the backup warranty and restore, it is named as your best features that are loved by your users.


It is basically a company based in Taiwan, which offers wide variety of products, which includes computers, laptops, storage devices, hardware, smartphones and many other products.
Acer is the brand that also introduced the touch screen option on laptops, very successfully for the pioneering brand. Its design is introduced with a new look to attract more people and make it distinct.


HP stands for Hewlett-Packard. It is very famous all over the world when it comes to computers and other accessories. And it’s basically a multinational American brand that is easily found all over the world.
It is also characterized by being a rather expensive brand, but known as innovation because it offers new features and designs in each new product. It is named as the largest PC manufacturer in the world, and best seller as well.


Apple is another famous American company, which focuses primarily on the design and advertising of its products to customers. It offers all kinds of products needed by people, being the leading position in this selection of the 10 best brands of computers in the world.
The most famous products of this brand include iTunes, computers, OS, iPad, and iPhone OS as well. And it offers the best quality products, but very expensive, which is only affordable for people of higher purchasing power, and others usually can not afford their products.

mensagens de amor para namorado evangelico

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frases de amor cortas“E agora eu estou olhando para você”, disse ele, “e você está me perguntando se eu ainda quero você, como se eu pudesse parar de te amar. Como se eu gostaria de dar-se a única coisa que me faz mais forte do que qualquer outra coisa que tem sempre. Eu nunca ousou dar muito de mim para ninguém antes – pedaços de mim mesmo para o Lightwoods, para Isabelle e Alec, mas levou anos para fazê-lo – mas, Clary, frases curtas de amor desde a primeira vez que te vi, eu pertencia a você completamente. Eu ainda faço. Se você me quiser.”

“Então, eu te amo porque todo o universo conspirou para me ajudar a encontrá-lo.”

“Onde há amor há vida.”

“Prometa a si mesm

Para ser tão forte que nada
pode perturbar a sua paz de espírito.
Para falar saúde, felicidade e prosperidade
para cada pessoa que conhecer.

Para fazer com que todos os seus amigos se sintam
que há algo neles
Para olhar para o lado positivo de tudo
e fazer o seu otimismo se tornar real.

Pensar somente o melhor, trabalhar apenas para o melhor,
e esperar apenas o melhor.
Para ser tão entusiasmado com o sucesso dos outros
como você está prestes a sua própria.

Para esquecer os erros do passado
e pressione para conseguir grandes realizações do futuro.
Para usar uma expressão de alegria em todos os momentos
e dar a cada criatura viva conhecida com um sorriso.

Para dar tanto tempo para a melhoria de si mesmo
que você não tem tempo para criticar os outros.
Ser grande demais para preocupar-se, nobre demais para ter raiva, forte demais para o medo,
e feliz demais para permitir a presença de problemas.

Para pensar bem de si mesmo e proclamar este fato ao mundo,
não em palavras alto, mas grandes feitos.
Viver na fé de que o mundo inteiro está do seu lado
contanto que você são verdadeiras para o melhor que há em vós “.

“A vida vai quebrar você. Ninguém pode protegê-lo de que, e viver por si só, não quer, para a solidão também irá quebrá-lo com o seu desejo. Você tem que amar. Você tem que sentir. É a razão que você está aqui na terra. Está aqui a arriscar seu coração. Você está aqui para ser engolido. E quando isso acontece que você está quebrado, ou traído, ou para a esquerda, ou ferido, ou morte escovas aproxima, deixe-se sentar por uma macieira e ouvir as maçãs caindo ao seu redor em montes, desperdiçando sua doçura. Diga-se que você provou como muitos como você pode. ”

“Nós nos apaixonamos, apesar de nossas diferenças, e uma vez que fizemos, algo raro e bonito foi criado. Para mim, o amor como só tinha acontecido uma vez, e é por isso que a cada minuto que passamos juntos foi cauterizada na minha memória. Eu nunca vou esquecer um único momento dele “.

“Eu sempre prefiro ser feliz do que digna.”

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“Ninguém mediu nunca, nem sequer poetas, quanto o coração pode suportar.”

“Era uma vez havia um menino que amava uma menina, e seu riso era uma pergunta que ele queria passar todo o seu atendimento vida.”

“O melhor amor é o tipo que desperta a alma e nos faz chegar para mais, que planta um incêndio em nossos corações e traz paz à nossa mente. E é isso que você me deu. Isso é o que eu esperava para dar-lhe para sempre ”

“Nunca ame qualquer um que trata você como você é normal.”

Are you afraid of the shadow? And the light?

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Are you afraid of the shadow And the lightIt seems obvious to say that everyone is in search of happiness, is not it? After all, who in their right mind would be looking sadness? Ultimately, this quest for happiness is what drives humanity, is what gives meaning to life. But as we are dual beings, we are not happy all the time, because everything in the material world is based on the balance of polarities – day and night, heat and cold, male and female, happiness and sadness, and so on. We have within us the light and shadow, but why is it that when we face our shadow are taken by an incredible fear that comes with the drive of all the self-sabotage buttons?

It’s often said that we are afraid of our shadow side, our faults, our shortcomings, but on these we can express ourselves as well is not it?

One of the exercises I propose to some patients, it is asking them to write a short list of your qualities in more than 10 years of service, I have never heard a single “ok” when making this proposal, what I always hear is:

“I can make a list of my faults? It’s easier!”. Well, it’s easier to relate to the shadow, or what popular language translates as ego (the word ego in the psychological language means something else), than with our side light.
Why do we have such a hard time talking about our qualities, our victories, our joys, to deal with our happiness? Because actually we are afraid to be happy! Yes! You read that right, we are afraid to be happy! Because we have heard since “happiness is good bit harsh” that “happiness is gone and the longing in my chest still cries” that “happy was a time that has passed,” that “it is better not get used to her that when that happens it will end, “that is, there is in our unconscious a number of limiting beliefs that make us see value only where there is sacrifice and difficulty, because they deserve it, because what comes easy goes easy, it is not difficult It has no value because it is too good better off because it cannot last.

Have you ever heard that expression, “I’m so glad it’s scary”? And because it’s scary to be happy? Why is it so hard to bear such happiness? Every time we feel very good, cheerful, made, satisfied, our thinking is already ready stricken with a myriad of “but”, “but that,” “but that” … and the “but” is nothing more a declassification of our happiness, a hand brake to pull to see that something is going well!

What we end up doing this line of thought, according to the law of attraction, which is not something esoteric, but something real, the attraction that leads and is produced through the energetic vibration of words, sounds, thoughts, and so, what we do is to make a huge amount of energy related to fear, scarcity, which ultimately bring us what we vibrate, lack, misery, hardship, sadness. It sounds contradictory right? But it is well that what we all do! The worst enemy lines between your ears!

Since it is not written anywhere that is prohibited only in our limiting beliefs, how about expanding your Light? How about increase it further? A little bit further and further? There is no limit! How about build other healthier beliefs about happiness? Making peace with the good side of life? How about feeling worthy to be done on what you want just because you have this right by simply being alive? How about starting to believe that his greatest achievements can be accomplished rather easily and still are worthy?

Exists in the world an infinite amount of happiness and abundant facility available for those who want, as well as misery and scarcity, simply plug in to what you want, the plug is your choice! Choose well! Try changing each defeatist thinking today, just for today, by a thought of abundance, happiness and merit!

Top 10 animals with longer periods of gestation

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Top 10 animals with longer periods of gestationThe term “gestation period” refers to the time it takes for a fetus developing in the womb of his mother, starting with fertilization and ending at birth. In the case of animals, the duration of a gestation period varies among species, but in general, the smaller the animal, the less time it takes the uterus.
The gestation period, however, it may also be influenced by other factors such as size of a litter. In this selection are highlighted 10 animals with longer periods of gestation.

Sea Lion California – 350 days

These animals are known for playing between May and August and give birth in June or July, meaning that this line of sea lion has an average gestation period of 350 days.
This includes the possible deployment delayed the fertilized egg up to 3 months and the sea lion California is tenth in this selection of 10 animals with longer periods of gestation.

Camel – 360-420 days

The gestation period of a camel can vary between 360-420 days and the average weight of the newborn can range from 35 to 40 kg. Camel ids such as llamas also have long pregnancies around 330 days.

Zebra – 361-390 days

Zebras may become pregnant for 361-390 days, although this may vary according to the strain. Some species such as Gravy’s Zebra can have a gestation period that lasts 438 days.

Donkey – 365 days

The gestation period for a female is typically 365 days, however this may sometimes vary between 11 and 14 months. The same often gives birth to a single cub and only a small percentage of donkey pregnancies results in twins.

Giraffe – 420-460 days

A mother is known to give birth standing up and the newborn already measures 1.8 meters high, so it’s no surprise that pregnancy for giraffes can last up to 420-460 days. Giraffes usually give birth to a single calf, but at times, can give birth to twins.

Black Rhino – 450 days

It is common to black rhinoceros become sexually mature and have the first offspring by age 4 years and getting pregnant by up to 450 days. During this time, the pregnant to find lonely in a safe place to give birth in peace.

Walrus – 456 days

A female to ovulate vise begins between ages 4 to 6 years and pregnancy for these bulky creatures can last 456 days. The first 4 months of the fetus are passed in suspended development before it is implanted in the uterus.
This delayed implementation has evolved to optimize mating and season of birth and can help promote newborn survival.

Sperm whale – 590 days

Sperm whale is the largest toothed whale, so it’s no surprise that they have a prolonged period of gestation up to 590 days. Sperm whale females become fertile at the age of 9 years and it may take them up to 16 months to produce a single calf, and sperm whale is the third position in this selection of 10 animals with longer periods of gestation.

Asian Elephant – 617 days

The colossal size, the Asian elephant has a gestation period that lasts impressive 617 days and usually only gives birth to a cub occasionally she can give birth to twins.
After 19 months, the puppy is fully developed, but remains in uterus for an extended period of time to grow and then to get his mother to feed, and the Asian elephant second position in this selection of 10 animals with longer periods of gestation.

African Elephant – 645 days

Quite like its Asian cousin, the African elephant also excessively withstands long pregnancies, and in fact, appear in a leading position in this selection of 10 animals with longer periods of pregnancy, with the incredible period of 645 days.
The male of a species Loxodonta Africana, African bush elephant, reaches on average 3.3 m height up to shoulders and reaches a weight of 5.5 tons, which determines not only the largest mammal, but most land animals there.
Compared to Asian elephant gender alphas has distinction by larger ears, an adaptation in relation to higher temperatures, and their ivory tusks in females, with around 70 kg each.
The African elephant has 3 nails the feet rear, and 21 pairs of ribs by the opposition to 4:19, the respective form in Indian elephant. The African elephant stands safari symbol of Africa, the wildlife group called Big Five, featuring five animals most difficult to hunt, or elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhino.

20 miracle tips on vegetarian food

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20 miracle tips on vegetarian food

If you feed based on a vegetarian diet or if you are planning to transition to veganism, may have been confused by all the words of family and friends. For many people, eating meat is rule and being vegetarian is considered crazy.
The main question is: “Is it possible to get adequate amounts of protein, calcium, sodium, iron, etc.?”
The impression I have is that people do not know how plants can be powerful! Here are 20 myths about the nutritional power of vegetables:

1. Only two tablespoons of molasses (extracted from sugarcane) contain 400 mg of calcium. This is more than the calcium that is served in a serving of milk or cheese!

2. You can reach 25% of your daily calcium needs with 1/2 cup of tofu.

3. A cup of fortified milk without lactose contains about 30% of your daily needs of vitamin D.

4. For protein, edamame choice. A cup contains 17 grams of protein and 16 grams of carbohydrates.

5. About 1/4 cup of nuts contains about 90% of your daily needs for omega

6. Almonds are high in fat, but when consumed in moderation, help you lose weight and then, on maintenance. 1/4 cup of almonds contains 205 calories and 18 grams of fat. These “fat” calories, 16.5 type are healthy, or non-saturated fat.

7. A cup lentil contains about 16 grams of fiber and 18 grams of protein, a combo that helps hold hunger and weight.

8. Let’s all welcome the cabbage! Just one cup of chopped cabbage contains 206% of the recommended daily vitamin A, 134% vitamin C and 684% vitamin K.

9. Quinoa, known as “the gold of the Incas”, is a complete food! Although known as a cereal, it is a high nutritional value seed! It is very rich in protein, including all essential proteins, and contain lots of fiber, magnesium, iron and phosphorus! And yet it is gluten-free, contributing to better digestion!

10. Frozen fruits have a higher nutritional value than fresh fruits, especially if the fruit have traveled very long distances to reach you. The nutrients are preserved if you harvest the fruit and then freezes.

11. Avocados contain a monounsaturated fat, which is healthy and helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases

good cholesterol (HDL). This fat also helps lower the risk of heart disease.

12. Bananas are the newest pills sleep! The fruit is rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that helps the brain to produce serotonin, which helps to sleep.

13. Chocolate bittersweet (70-85% cocoa) contains more iron than a steak! A portion of 85 grams of beef (70% meat,

30% fat) contains 2.11 mg of iron, while 85 grams of dark chocolate contains 10.12 mg!

14. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to maintain a vegan diet and get enough omega 3 without eating fish! It’s like? Now, just as the fish – through the seaweed!

15. The fiber contained in the seeds of chia absorb ten times its weight in water, thus causing them to be good sources of hydration! It also means a slower conversion of carbohydrates into sugar, resulting in improved strength and resilience.

16. Broccoli have large amounts of soluble fiber, making them effective in reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) cholesterol and the risk of heart disease.

17. Nutritional yeast is the best friend of vegan. It contains almost all vitamins of the B zinc.

18. Plants derived from the oceans such as algae, contain 47% protein and a wide range of vitamins.

19. Only two tablespoons of hemp seeds soup contain 24% of your daily protein requirement. In addition, they have omega 3 and omega 6, vitamins B and E and folic acid.

20. Acai is considered by many the most nutritious fruit in the world to contain antioxidants that destroy free radicals that can make you sick, especially during the winter time when we are vulnerable and lack energy, favoring the symptoms of flu,

Top 10 things that women do not want men to know

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Top 10 things that women do not want men to know

Women are wonderful and beautiful, but are full of secrets. And create some illusions in society to give the appearance of perfection. However, the reality is quite different, the women are failures so with men.
Men and women are very different from each other. Women tend to be more complicated than men and while that the freak out, is part of what they love in women. In this selection are the 10 things that women do not want men to know.

How your things really cost

Women often underestimate how much money they spend on their luxury items . Women do not think men are in agreement with the amount of money they spend for fashion, and they are right, because most men do not understand it.

The heels hurt

It is no secret that women love their shoes, especially heels. Many men say to her ladies on numerous occasions, “view comfortable shoes,” but good fashion for women put their higher heels.
What hate to admit is that this action hurts. The heels are painful, but women do not want to give in because of the amount of money spent on them.
Women arrange things after the men do

Men think it’s romantic to make the bed for women, or store purchases of the same, but the truth is that many women hate it when your boyfriend or husband touching her things.
Women have specific ways of doing things and tend to redo what men do in their place. And they do not want to say it to men because they want to make sure they feel necessary.

Women actually have hair elsewhere than the head,

Women spend much time and money on shaving, waxing or hair removal by laser treatment, which make men believe that they have hair growth beyond the head.
And even though men know that women have hair in some regions they do not want to believe, and women do not want to let them know about it. Women like to send the picture of perfection, and if they have to underarm hair, it is not perfect.

The amount of time they spend getting ready

Women take longer in the process of grooming than men. And each individual has his own routine, but most women will also, through the bath, moisturizing, hair drying, hair straightening, make-up and then the hard part, choose something to wear.

Women tell all her friends.

The girls tell all her friends, all the same. From the moment a girl meets boy, her best friends know the same information she knows about the other.
They show her friends her conversations the two, show photos and tell all the personal details of the men, all the same. Men should understand that when you’re dating a woman in some sense this relationship is with your closest friends.

How they pursue the man

If a girl really likes a man, she will for all his photos on Instagram and Facebook, and it will read all the tweets it. She even went so far as to find his ex and check the competition . The girls did not admit that he was searched on Google for them, and will make sure you know everything before you commit.

Women secretly changed

Men really do not realize how much women secretly have changed them. After a year of meetings, the men begin to realize that they dress better, think more about their future, and begin to take more pride in the decoration of where they live.
Women do not do this to become men, they do not touch the core of them However, since women are being somewhat superficial, they want the man to look as perfect as them.

All they think for a long time

Women can play easy letter, as they wish, but it is no secret that women dream of the fairy tale they have heard since they were girls. Women want marriage and children and if they mention it or not, think about it.
And that’s part of the female DNA, they can not stop thinking about the future especially when they are in a relationship. However, women do not want men to know how much the long period they are thinking, for fear of the scare.

Women are afraid of losing the man

Women often have a strong, assertive behavior, however, the greatest secret that keep men is how fear losing them, and the leading position in this selection of 10 things that women do not want men to know.
The women feel that deeply express that need the man, who then leave as weak. Women are so afraid to show a man how they really feel, not just have your broken heart. They fear that their high expectations are dashed.

10 Secrets of happy couples

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10 Secrets of happy couples

1. Mutual trust

No wonder this is the 1st secret of our list: trust should be the basis of any lasting relationship!
Trust is something you earn gradually and sometimes it can take a long time to strengthen. But, on the other hand, just one minute to shakes it or destroy it!

2. Never sleep upset with each other

Never let a matter remain unresolved. Turn your back and ignore your feelings will not help to overcome the difficulties. Talk to your soul mate, try to explain and understand the different points of view on the situation that causes conflict.
Still, if they cannot reach a solution, ask for time to think about it and cool off, promising to return soon to talk. But never ignore or disregard the question, okay?
A tip: always look in the eyes of his love before bedtime and repeat three magic words: “I LOVE YOU”

3. Do not try to change each other

The couple needs to understand, know and respect the personality and characteristics of each.
A relationship to be lasting and happy to add and multiply the qualities of the people, not subtract or “pruning them.”

Be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

4. Express gratitude and appreciate small details of everyday life

Happiness is built from small details of everyday life of the couple!
A good morning kiss, a hug tight unexpected, go hand in hand a surprise little note … Anyway, there are many simple one’s gestures that can be demonstrated in everyday life and help to constantly renew the relationship of energy!

5. They are sincere and loyal

Sincerity and loyalty are essential to build trust and several other of the secrets of this listing!
No relationship can last long without these “ingredients”, and this should not be a secret to anyone!

Put loyalty and trust above all else; do not be ales to morally  inferior; do not be afraid to correct your mistakes.

6. Encourage the fight for their dreams

A happy couple is one that is always there to support and help the fellow (a) to grow, evolve and build your dreams!
Stand next to someone who believes in his dreams and fully support you so you can have concretized them is essential to maintain mutual happiness in the relationship.

7. laugh together

A couple that laughs together, stays together!
It is very important that the health of the relationship that the couple keep a balanced harmony, you have fun together, deem laugh and enjoy each other’s company.
If you’re next to someone who makes you laugh even in moments of stress, then this is the right way!

8. Respect other people’s space

It is very important for each individual to have their privacy and freedom.
The couple who keep intact the secrets of number 1 and 4 can also follow this rule of thumb.
Even the couple having a commitment to share a life, responsibilities, joys, sorrows and etc. … It is imperative that each person has their space and moment of introspection. It is a very healthy attitude and will do well to couple.

9. Know forgive

As should recognize their mistakes, couples also need to learn to let the exaggerated pride and forgive.
Often, not to give his arm to twist, people keep an illusory figure that is “unshakable”, refusing to ask or even forgive (even though in my heart wants!).
Life is too short to “little games”. Follow your heart and love!

The weak never forgive: Forgiveness is one of the strong features.
Mahatma Gandhi

10. routine Flee

routine flee as the devil flees from the cross! And when you speak of “escape the routine,” does not mean doing daily fancy programs but are always willing to try new things.
Discover the world next to your partner (or partner) is essential to help keep your ties increasingly tight!