Top 10 things that women do not want men to know

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Top 10 things that women do not want men to know

Women are wonderful and beautiful, but are full of secrets. And create some illusions in society to give the appearance of perfection. However, the reality is quite different, the women are failures so with men.
Men and women are very different from each other. Women tend to be more complicated than men and while that the freak out, is part of what they love in women. In this selection are the 10 things that women do not want men to know.

How your things really cost

Women often underestimate how much money they spend on their luxury items . Women do not think men are in agreement with the amount of money they spend for fashion, and they are right, because most men do not understand it.

The heels hurt

It is no secret that women love their shoes, especially heels. Many men say to her ladies on numerous occasions, “view comfortable shoes,” but good fashion for women put their higher heels.
What hate to admit is that this action hurts. The heels are painful, but women do not want to give in because of the amount of money spent on them.
Women arrange things after the men do

Men think it’s romantic to make the bed for women, or store purchases of the same, but the truth is that many women hate it when your boyfriend or husband touching her things.
Women have specific ways of doing things and tend to redo what men do in their place. And they do not want to say it to men because they want to make sure they feel necessary.

Women actually have hair elsewhere than the head,

Women spend much time and money on shaving, waxing or hair removal by laser treatment, which make men believe that they have hair growth beyond the head.
And even though men know that women have hair in some regions they do not want to believe, and women do not want to let them know about it. Women like to send the picture of perfection, and if they have to underarm hair, it is not perfect.

The amount of time they spend getting ready

Women take longer in the process of grooming than men. And each individual has his own routine, but most women will also, through the bath, moisturizing, hair drying, hair straightening, make-up and then the hard part, choose something to wear.

Women tell all her friends.

The girls tell all her friends, all the same. From the moment a girl meets boy, her best friends know the same information she knows about the other.
They show her friends her conversations the two, show photos and tell all the personal details of the men, all the same. Men should understand that when you’re dating a woman in some sense this relationship is with your closest friends.

How they pursue the man

If a girl really likes a man, she will for all his photos on Instagram and Facebook, and it will read all the tweets it. She even went so far as to find his ex and check the competition . The girls did not admit that he was searched on Google for them, and will make sure you know everything before you commit.

Women secretly changed

Men really do not realize how much women secretly have changed them. After a year of meetings, the men begin to realize that they dress better, think more about their future, and begin to take more pride in the decoration of where they live.
Women do not do this to become men, they do not touch the core of them However, since women are being somewhat superficial, they want the man to look as perfect as them.

All they think for a long time

Women can play easy letter, as they wish, but it is no secret that women dream of the fairy tale they have heard since they were girls. Women want marriage and children and if they mention it or not, think about it.
And that’s part of the female DNA, they can not stop thinking about the future especially when they are in a relationship. However, women do not want men to know how much the long period they are thinking, for fear of the scare.

Women are afraid of losing the man

Women often have a strong, assertive behavior, however, the greatest secret that keep men is how fear losing them, and the leading position in this selection of 10 things that women do not want men to know.
The women feel that deeply express that need the man, who then leave as weak. Women are so afraid to show a man how they really feel, not just have your broken heart. They fear that their high expectations are dashed.