Best Computer Brands In The World

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Best Computer Brands

In this selection are highlighted the 10 best computers brands of in the world. With the latest technology innovations, there are several companies willing to win over computer users worldwide. The computer or laptop, has become one of the most important device in the home or mepresa the world wide, for different purposes.
These companies / brands offer products of different specifications and are sold at various prices. They are delivering increasingly powerful and smaller products to meet people’s needs, and the most expensive are the youngest. The best companies are chosen according to their market value worldwide, and their popularity among people.

Gateway Computer

Gateway Computer is a brand that is basically a subsidiary company of the famous Acer Incorporation. This brand is known for producing and also marketing its products which mainly includes personal computers, hardware, servers, computer monitors and also all kinds of computer accessories.


NEC is basically an international Japanese brand, and known for its different information technology products. And it offers all kinds of information technology and diverse networking solutions as well. It is named as one of the most important internet providers in different parts of the world, which includes business and broadband network solutions.
Their computers and other products are mostly available in foreign countries because of their market and are sold at affordable prices which has made this company progress in far less time.


Fujitsu is another famous Japanese brand that is known for selling best quality computer hardware and information technology services corporation. And it offers wide variety of products including network, hardware, e-commerce solutions, and many others.


IBM is the acronym of International Business Machines and is basically an international brand based in the United States. It produces and then sells various types of software, hardware, hosting and consulting series as well as communications.
It is said that the quality and durability of their computers are unmatched and provides the best user experience, and IBM seventh position in this selection of the top 10 brands of computers in the world.


Toshiba is the brand that has achieved fame and success in much less time due to the quality products available in the market. This is another Japanese brand.
And it not only produces but is also the supplier of all kinds of products that includes computer, laptops, notebooks, and other accessories related to its products and services.


Lenovo is basically a Chinese brand, now operating around the world. It offers all kinds of notebooks, desktops, servers, storage devices, personal computers, software, and all the necessary accessory models. And it is also known for offering the durable, lightweight and thin laptops that are the basic requirements.


Dell is basically an American brand. It is very famous and does not require any introduction. It offers all kinds of products, including laptops, computers, ruggedness, support and also knowledge solutions.
Dell products offer the best performance and are available at incredible prices that are completely worthy of their products. And also follow up with the backup warranty and restore, it is named as your best features that are loved by your users.


It is basically a company based in Taiwan, which offers wide variety of products, which includes computers, laptops, storage devices, hardware, smartphones and many other products.
Acer is the brand that also introduced the touch screen option on laptops, very successfully for the pioneering brand. Its design is introduced with a new look to attract more people and make it distinct.


HP stands for Hewlett-Packard. It is very famous all over the world when it comes to computers and other accessories. And it’s basically a multinational American brand that is easily found all over the world.
It is also characterized by being a rather expensive brand, but known as innovation because it offers new features and designs in each new product. It is named as the largest PC manufacturer in the world, and best seller as well.


Apple is another famous American company, which focuses primarily on the design and advertising of its products to customers. It offers all kinds of products needed by people, being the leading position in this selection of the 10 best brands of computers in the world.
The most famous products of this brand include iTunes, computers, OS, iPad, and iPhone OS as well. And it offers the best quality products, but very expensive, which is only affordable for people of higher purchasing power, and others usually can not afford their products.