Are you afraid of the shadow? And the light?

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Are you afraid of the shadow And the lightIt seems obvious to say that everyone is in search of happiness, is not it? After all, who in their right mind would be looking sadness? Ultimately, this quest for happiness is what drives humanity, is what gives meaning to life. But as we are dual beings, we are not happy all the time, because everything in the material world is based on the balance of polarities – day and night, heat and cold, male and female, happiness and sadness, and so on. We have within us the light and shadow, but why is it that when we face our shadow are taken by an incredible fear that comes with the drive of all the self-sabotage buttons?

It’s often said that we are afraid of our shadow side, our faults, our shortcomings, but on these we can express ourselves as well is not it?

One of the exercises I propose to some patients, it is asking them to write a short list of your qualities in more than 10 years of service, I have never heard a single “ok” when making this proposal, what I always hear is:

“I can make a list of my faults? It’s easier!”. Well, it’s easier to relate to the shadow, or what popular language translates as ego (the word ego in the psychological language means something else), than with our side light.
Why do we have such a hard time talking about our qualities, our victories, our joys, to deal with our happiness? Because actually we are afraid to be happy! Yes! You read that right, we are afraid to be happy! Because we have heard since “happiness is good bit harsh” that “happiness is gone and the longing in my chest still cries” that “happy was a time that has passed,” that “it is better not get used to her that when that happens it will end, “that is, there is in our unconscious a number of limiting beliefs that make us see value only where there is sacrifice and difficulty, because they deserve it, because what comes easy goes easy, it is not difficult It has no value because it is too good better off because it cannot last.

Have you ever heard that expression, “I’m so glad it’s scary”? And because it’s scary to be happy? Why is it so hard to bear such happiness? Every time we feel very good, cheerful, made, satisfied, our thinking is already ready stricken with a myriad of “but”, “but that,” “but that” … and the “but” is nothing more a declassification of our happiness, a hand brake to pull to see that something is going well!

What we end up doing this line of thought, according to the law of attraction, which is not something esoteric, but something real, the attraction that leads and is produced through the energetic vibration of words, sounds, thoughts, and so, what we do is to make a huge amount of energy related to fear, scarcity, which ultimately bring us what we vibrate, lack, misery, hardship, sadness. It sounds contradictory right? But it is well that what we all do! The worst enemy lines between your ears!

Since it is not written anywhere that is prohibited only in our limiting beliefs, how about expanding your Light? How about increase it further? A little bit further and further? There is no limit! How about build other healthier beliefs about happiness? Making peace with the good side of life? How about feeling worthy to be done on what you want just because you have this right by simply being alive? How about starting to believe that his greatest achievements can be accomplished rather easily and still are worthy?

Exists in the world an infinite amount of happiness and abundant facility available for those who want, as well as misery and scarcity, simply plug in to what you want, the plug is your choice! Choose well! Try changing each defeatist thinking today, just for today, by a thought of abundance, happiness and merit!