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Good Night Love Quotes

do you want to make your night more shine and want your evening more beautiful, If so, check out this incredible collection of Good Night Love Quotes we selected carefully for you

Linda is the poetry that God writes in every detail of our day! Happy is who has the serenity in the soul to feel the peace in each verse!

° ✿ ✿ ° A day of many joys and intense of emotions and so with the heart serenade we received this blessed night of rest and peace! Always thanking for all the blessings of this day! ° ✿ ✿ ° Kisses and affections angels! Beautiful night for people

Good morning to your life, good morning to love.

Cute Good Night Love Quotes

❝ … and all that your soul emanates … is exactly every vibration you receive back … sharing peace and serenity … we essentially build ourselves up and in an intensity of light and harmony … fraternally We unify ourselves in divine love!

Although time has wings and sometimes fly very fast, always be the heart affection! Kisses of peace for each of you!!

Good night, rest is quiet … Ending another day … Thank God for everything! For the good moments, for the learning, for what will come … Praying for the Father * to reserve us generous portions of peace, health … Full life … Yes, Gratitude, my God, Dear Father!

find here the perfect Good Night Love Quotes to express the feeling of love

Good evening!
May the Holy Spirit of God be with you, and bless you with a quiet night. He has sent angels before you to fight in your behalf. May God bless our homes, our families and our friends, Amen

They say our thinking can travel free wherever you want, but mine is always going to you. Sleep tight. ..

Every time I close my eyes, it’s to find you, the distance between us cannot separate. What I feel for you, it will not be good night

Best Good Night Love Quotes

“I do not like sleeping,
I really like dreaming …!”

Good evening!
Another day overdue, Thank God for the privilege of having lived another day, one more week. Take care of my friends, of my Family Lord bless every choice, every path traced and I know that everything that is true will come. Thank you god for everything.

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A beautiful night! If she has to be of peace that is, of love that lasts, hope that leaves marks. May tonight be the night of all your need!

Good evening!
Not always a closed door in your life is a sign of defeat, trust in God’s agenda, the hour of the miracle will come. . God is good and merciful. He only asks you to put your faith and trust in Him. He’s already been working for you since the first prayer you made.

Sleeping with a little shell is not slutty, suckling is sleeping in separate beds

The sweet peace for a beautiful night of tranquility!
Good rest, beautiful dreams
Always guarded by angels of God!

Sweet dreams are the result of quiet awareness.

“Love, continuous questioning …
If you bring good dreams to the boils,
take the sleep of the deluded!”

For me, good dreams are worse than nightmares.
Much worse.
They are pieces of unlived life, of unreal desires, that will surely torture me over the next few days.

Sweet dreams for those who sleep.

Do not doubt your sweet dreams, for if you want, they can become real. The impossible is just a matter of opinion.

How delicious is the sensitivity of the intimate moments, calm in which poetry invades … Good dreams!!!

10 Secrets of happy couples

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10 Secrets of happy couples

1. Mutual trust

No wonder this is the 1st secret of our list: trust should be the basis of any lasting relationship!
Trust is something you earn gradually and sometimes it can take a long time to strengthen. But, on the other hand, just one minute to shakes it or destroy it!

2. Never sleep upset with each other

Never let a matter remain unresolved. Turn your back and ignore your feelings will not help to overcome the difficulties. Talk to your soul mate, try to explain and understand the different points of view on the situation that causes conflict.
Still, if they cannot reach a solution, ask for time to think about it and cool off, promising to return soon to talk. But never ignore or disregard the question, okay?
A tip: always look in the eyes of his love before bedtime and repeat three magic words: “I LOVE YOU”

3. Do not try to change each other

The couple needs to understand, know and respect the personality and characteristics of each.
A relationship to be lasting and happy to add and multiply the qualities of the people, not subtract or “pruning them.”

Be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

4. Express gratitude and appreciate small details of everyday life

Happiness is built from small details of everyday life of the couple!
A good morning kiss, a hug tight unexpected, go hand in hand a surprise little note … Anyway, there are many simple one’s gestures that can be demonstrated in everyday life and help to constantly renew the relationship of energy!

5. They are sincere and loyal

Sincerity and loyalty are essential to build trust and several other of the secrets of this listing!
No relationship can last long without these “ingredients”, and this should not be a secret to anyone!

Put loyalty and trust above all else; do not be ales to morally  inferior; do not be afraid to correct your mistakes.

6. Encourage the fight for their dreams

A happy couple is one that is always there to support and help the fellow (a) to grow, evolve and build your dreams!
Stand next to someone who believes in his dreams and fully support you so you can have concretized them is essential to maintain mutual happiness in the relationship.

7. laugh together

A couple that laughs together, stays together!
It is very important that the health of the relationship that the couple keep a balanced harmony, you have fun together, deem laugh and enjoy each other’s company.
If you’re next to someone who makes you laugh even in moments of stress, then this is the right way!

8. Respect other people’s space

It is very important for each individual to have their privacy and freedom.
The couple who keep intact the secrets of number 1 and 4 can also follow this rule of thumb.
Even the couple having a commitment to share a life, responsibilities, joys, sorrows and etc. … It is imperative that each person has their space and moment of introspection. It is a very healthy attitude and will do well to couple.

9. Know forgive

As should recognize their mistakes, couples also need to learn to let the exaggerated pride and forgive.
Often, not to give his arm to twist, people keep an illusory figure that is “unshakable”, refusing to ask or even forgive (even though in my heart wants!).
Life is too short to “little games”. Follow your heart and love!

The weak never forgive: Forgiveness is one of the strong features.
Mahatma Gandhi

10. routine Flee

routine flee as the devil flees from the cross! And when you speak of “escape the routine,” does not mean doing daily fancy programs but are always willing to try new things.
Discover the world next to your partner (or partner) is essential to help keep your ties increasingly tight!