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Top 10 animals with longer periods of gestationThe term “gestation period” refers to the time it takes for a fetus developing in the womb of his mother, starting with fertilization and ending at birth. In the case of animals, the duration of a gestation period varies among species, but in general, the smaller the animal, the less time it takes the uterus.
The gestation period, however, it may also be influenced by other factors such as size of a litter. In this selection are highlighted 10 animals with longer periods of gestation.

Sea Lion California – 350 days

These animals are known for playing between May and August and give birth in June or July, meaning that this line of sea lion has an average gestation period of 350 days.
This includes the possible deployment delayed the fertilized egg up to 3 months and the sea lion California is tenth in this selection of 10 animals with longer periods of gestation.

Camel – 360-420 days

The gestation period of a camel can vary between 360-420 days and the average weight of the newborn can range from 35 to 40 kg. Camel ids such as llamas also have long pregnancies around 330 days.

Zebra – 361-390 days

Zebras may become pregnant for 361-390 days, although this may vary according to the strain. Some species such as Gravy’s Zebra can have a gestation period that lasts 438 days.

Donkey – 365 days

The gestation period for a female is typically 365 days, however this may sometimes vary between 11 and 14 months. The same often gives birth to a single cub and only a small percentage of donkey pregnancies results in twins.

Giraffe – 420-460 days

A mother is known to give birth standing up and the newborn already measures 1.8 meters high, so it’s no surprise that pregnancy for giraffes can last up to 420-460 days. Giraffes usually give birth to a single calf, but at times, can give birth to twins.

Black Rhino – 450 days

It is common to black rhinoceros become sexually mature and have the first offspring by age 4 years and getting pregnant by up to 450 days. During this time, the pregnant to find lonely in a safe place to give birth in peace.

Walrus – 456 days

A female to ovulate vise begins between ages 4 to 6 years and pregnancy for these bulky creatures can last 456 days. The first 4 months of the fetus are passed in suspended development before it is implanted in the uterus.
This delayed implementation has evolved to optimize mating and season of birth and can help promote newborn survival.

Sperm whale – 590 days

Sperm whale is the largest toothed whale, so it’s no surprise that they have a prolonged period of gestation up to 590 days. Sperm whale females become fertile at the age of 9 years and it may take them up to 16 months to produce a single calf, and sperm whale is the third position in this selection of 10 animals with longer periods of gestation.

Asian Elephant – 617 days

The colossal size, the Asian elephant has a gestation period that lasts impressive 617 days and usually only gives birth to a cub occasionally she can give birth to twins.
After 19 months, the puppy is fully developed, but remains in uterus for an extended period of time to grow and then to get his mother to feed, and the Asian elephant second position in this selection of 10 animals with longer periods of gestation.

African Elephant – 645 days

Quite like its Asian cousin, the African elephant also excessively withstands long pregnancies, and in fact, appear in a leading position in this selection of 10 animals with longer periods of pregnancy, with the incredible period of 645 days.
The male of a species Loxodonta Africana, African bush elephant, reaches on average 3.3 m height up to shoulders and reaches a weight of 5.5 tons, which determines not only the largest mammal, but most land animals there.
Compared to Asian elephant gender alphas has distinction by larger ears, an adaptation in relation to higher temperatures, and their ivory tusks in females, with around 70 kg each.
The African elephant has 3 nails the feet rear, and 21 pairs of ribs by the opposition to 4:19, the respective form in Indian elephant. The African elephant stands safari symbol of Africa, the wildlife group called Big Five, featuring five animals most difficult to hunt, or elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhino.

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